Teaching material

Teaching material

Learning resources for wood carving: DVDs, books, trade journals, templates. The complete KOCH-Carving system is being updated and extended permanently. The learner is guided step by step to each subsequent target. An extremely successful and logical learning system. Koch was the first in presenting video based learning material in wood carving worldwide. Now everyone is able to learn efficiently at home.

Th "Schnitzer Kolleg" is a trade journal. Each one provides more detailed and technical knowledge and builds on the knowledge taught on our DVDs and textbooks.



The Carver-books by Kurt Koch have a clear objective. In Koch carving systems the learner is guided step by step to each subsequent target. A successful and logical learning system.




The selection of videos and DVDs is constantly updated or renewed. Currently there are more than 50 hours of instructions or visual aids available. Take advantage of these offers, make your Carving courses according to your wishes and requirements. In addition, you become familiarized on this media with the most modern technical aids - also developed by Koch. Start in any case with the DVDfilm: BASIC COURSE. Inform yourself about the topic Grinding and sharpening - You are doing incredible experience, such as Razor sharpness in seconds without any risk.

Carver College Magazine


This learning and template agent is created in the form of a journal. There

are  52 editions of Kurt Koch included. Each issue includes at least one topic

completely. When working templates for carving the work is accompanied

step by step and cut by cut with many technical notes.