The world's best jig for (art) handicraft woodworking. The ball joint jig from KOCH is the most modern means to process any kind of carvings in a safe working position. The object is securely clamped and with a brief gesture it can be brought into a new position absolutely secure. An 80 mm thick, strong steel ball can be fixed in any possible position with a single handle. Sculptures up to 1 m in height can be impacted and processed. Using the extensions, you can clamp workpieces with widths up to 50 cm. The small part essay makes the fixture suitable f. the carving with small parts. 


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New Koch ball joint jig

Product no.: 301

380.00 *

Extension for KOCH ball joint jig

Product no.: 302

69.00 *

Attachment for small pieces

Product no.: 303

75.00 *

Threaded adapter

Product no.: 310

59.00 *

New Tothed Jaws

Product no.: SJA460

32.00 *
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