Innovative grinding and sharpening tools for wood crafts






The innovative advancement of grinding and sharpening systems is one of our core competencies. Developed by experienced woodworkers of Kurt Koch GmbH grinding pastes in conjunction with optimized features of grinders allow a revolutionary grinding and sharpening technology with enormous time and material savings. For your work processes the higher level efficiency and perfection result in an optimal end product.

Product no.: BAL.FG.2000.60
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New (Größe: Vergrößerung Rohling 100cm)

Limewood, standard sizes 40cm, 50cm and 75cm

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New (Größe: Handgeschnitzt 30cm)

Limewood, standard size 30cm and 40cm

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Product no.: 01.02

Limewood, 52cm

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Product no.: 01.03


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New (Größe: Handgeschnitzt 30cm)

Limewood, standard size 30cm and 40cm

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Product no.: 01.06

Limewood, standard size 30cm and 40cm

from 19.00 *

New (Größe: Vergrößerung Rohling 60cm)

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New (Größe: Vergrößerung Rohling 75cm)

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Product no.: HT 4001

- 2 ceramic wheels (125 x20mm, grain 80 and 220)

- 2 felt wheels (120 x 20mm)

- Active paste green (grain 2500)

- Universal angle guide

- Clamping lever for quick adjustment

- acrylic glass guard

Manual (PDF):


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Product no.: 3115
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Product no.: SJA
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